Delivery of cargoes

Delivery of general cargo: basic operations

Transportation of groupage cargo is characterized by efficiency, efficiency, a high degree of reliability and convenience. This type of cargo is characterized by a number of auxiliary operations:

  • analyze the application of the shipper;
  • to assess the ability to perform transportation;
  • carry out cargo handling for immediate preparation for shipment (if necessary, pack);
  • prepare supporting documentation (transportation, customs);
  • pick up the goods from the warehouse of the sender after the conclusion of the contract;
  • make delivery to the destination;
  • deliver the goods under a painting (to the client “from hand to hand” or to the warehouse of the company).
The advantages of delivery of cargoes by our company

Combined transportation of goods along the route Minsk – Moscow became a popular type of activity for NK Ways Logistics, a responsible and honest partner in the market of modern transport services. Our company is distinguished by reliability, high professionalism in the implementation of cargo transportation to different countries of the world. Delivery of groupage cargo from Moscow by our experts allows you to significantly save time and material resources.

The main advantages of cooperation with us:

  • the possibility of international transportation of goods;
  • providing the optimal choice of vehicle in each case (due to the presence of its own fleet);
  • expanding the network of routes and optimizing work in the field (our own representative offices and warehouses in the territory of such countries as Russia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, China);
  • use for delivery of cargo by air and road transport;
  • carrying out by highly qualified personnel the analysis and consideration of all the pricing factors of this service (size and nature of the cargo, its weight, distance of transportation) in order to work out the optimal variant;
  • profitable system of discounts and promotions, gifts for regular customers;
  • the ability to inform the customer about the movement of goods in real time.
Stages of transportation of cargo

In general, the processes of transportation of consolidated and general cargo are similar, the differences occur only in the initial and final stages:

1. Receive orders for the formation of a batch of consolidated cargo. Fast receipt of applications from a large stream of customers will accelerate the dispatch.
2. Consolidation of goods in stock. The need for such a service among cargo owners arises quite often, since the manufacturing plant (seller of goods) is not always ready to incur additional costs associated with transportation. Especially if such expenses were not originally included in the price of the goods.
3. Warehouse handling of goods (packaging, repacking). Competently built warehouse processes with the use of modern software, labeling systems, packaging and scanning of goods will not allow incompatible goods to be part of a single shipment consignment.
4. Formation of batches of groupage cargoes in the directions of delivery.
5. Building a delivery route.
6. Preparation and execution of the necessary supporting documentation.
7. Customs clearance.
8. Delivery of cargo to a temporary storage warehouse (TSW) or a consignee’s warehouse. The cargo owner needs to decide in advance on the delivery scheme: whether the goods will be unloaded at a temporary storage warehouse or, after passing through customs procedures, will be exported to the address of the final buyer. Some cargo owners prefer, after unloading goods into temporary storage warehouses (TSW), to independently pick up cargo from the terminal.

It should be noted that the compulsory complex of services of transport and logistics companies for the delivery of groupage cargo includes insurance and assistance in customs clearance.

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