Warehouse complexes NK Ways Logistics provide a guarantee of safe and reliable custody. We can change the configuration of the warehouse, based on your needs. The flexible system of reservation of volumes works. We carry out any work on the packaging, labeling, labeling, thermal packaging of your goods and goods. It processes products with any type of packaging – boxes, pallets, etc., as well as oversized and small-sized goods.

The technology of simultaneous order picking using RF terminals and barcodes provides a high level of speed and accuracy even for small items.

Dedicated areas of loading / unloading allow cross-docking orders.

All warehouses for responsible storage are equipped with modern frontal racking systems.


Universal. Suitable for standard pallet storage. The lower tier can be equipped additionally – for fine-meshed storage or for cross-docking.


Allow you to quickly pick up orders for really large volumes of shipment. Also effective for responsible storage and handling of goods with a limited shelf life.


Optimal for fine-meshed storage. 4-tier mezzanine occupies 600 square meters. m warehouse, but gives 2,400 square meters. m of usable area. It can accommodate more than 100,000 articles of the goods.


For bulky and oversized cargo. Placement in such zones is strictly regulated and optimized – so as not to close access to the cargo on the racks.



Cross-doking literally means through-warehousing, that is, acceptance, distribution and shipment of products without being placed in a zone of long-term storage.

  • simplification of the entire supply chain and cost optimization;
  • significant time savings due to the fact that the product, bypassing the warehouse, is immediately sent to the final consumer;
  • cost savings, as there is no need to place the goods in the warehouse and pay all related costs;
  • a significant reduction in risks from losses in terms of shelf life due to the rapid shipment of goods to the right addressee;
  • provision of additional services, for example, repackaging, labeling, marking, etc.

Through the use of this service, the delivery time of the goods is shortened, since it is not possible to place it in a warehouse, which allows significant savings. However, this scheme can be applied in practice only in the case of exact coordination of all links in the supply chain.


Cross-docking is optimal in such cases:

  • a large range of products from different suppliers, designed for different customers;
  • goods do not require pre-sale preparation;
  • goods are classified as perishable;
  • consumer goods.

Large companies are increasingly experiencing the need for fundamentally new logistic schemes that make it possible to abandon the usual ones in favor of more convenient and modern ones. We provide cross-docking services in Moscow, enabling our customers to optimize the delivery process and significantly reduce costs.

We offer the following five types of services, depending on the task:

  • Transfer of cargo from one machine to another, next to the destination;
  • De-consolidation – the dissolution of the received goods for shipment to several recipients;
  • Consolidation – the formation of a single order of several small shipments received at the warehouse;
  • Completion – the procedure for forming a batch according to a single nomenclature;
  • Delivery both within Moscow and the region, and in all regions of Russia, as well as the possibility of multimodal transportation.

Our company has in stock all the necessary fleet for the provision of services with cars of various tonnage and special equipment for the implementation of transshipment.

4500m ² in Vilnius LT + Riga LV warehouse space managed.
We have a large warehouse space.
This allows us to provide our customers with a comprehensive service without attracting additional contractors at the highest level.



Thanks to extensive experience in conducting various customs procedures, NK Ways Logistics assists its clients in optimizing customs and transport costs by providing a full range of services for customs clearance of imported and exported goods. Twelve years of experience and round-the-clock work of warehouses allows our customers to exclude unplanned expenses for customs clearance and storage of goods.

  • carry out all necessary customs procedures in accordance with customs regulations;
  • draw up a package of customs documents;
  • on behalf of the client, perform customs clearance of cargo in the customs territory of Europe for export and import;
  • opening and closing Carnet TIR.



The principle of address storage in a warehouse is very simple. In the zone of acceptance, each unit of storage is immediately assigned a unique address (zone, level or tier, row, cell).

This adress:

  • fixed in the IT warehouse management system (WMS);
  • in the form of a bar code is applied to the product;
  • read by RF-terminals of warehouse personnel in the selection of orders and shipment.

In the case of address storage of goods, the warehouse is optimally filled, without voids and blockages. This means that you can calculate your needs in warehouse space with high accuracy – and not pay for unnecessary meters. In peak season, if necessary, NK Ways Logistics will always help expand the area.

Compact placement allows you to reduce the cost of the necessary operations, and eliminate all unnecessary operations. Simplified order picking, labeling, paperwork.

The budget of your warehouse logistics will decrease, efficiency will increase.


Reliable organization of address storage in warehouses managed by NK Ways Logistics is ensured by the use of InStock WMS. All products are distributed in storage areas based on their properties (dimensions, temperature requirements, range, and more).

In addition, address storage in stock simplifies staff training. The employee must clearly know the addressing system, but he does not need to recognize the goods “by sight” and remember where everything lies, what it is. As a result, the speed and accuracy of all operations increases dramatically. This is especially important when you need a massive selection of orders, a complete set of sets of 10 or more positions, in other difficult situations.

Address storage allows us to guarantee the accuracy of selection and shipment at the level of 99.98%.


Compliance with the principles of address storage at NK Ways Logistics warehouses and an advanced IT system allow building specific cargo handling technologies for each client. Or even for individual tasks.

The technologist determines where that should lie – in what zone, on which tier, closer to the exit or further. Analyzes the specifics of the business: time, production cycles, the possibility of emergency deliveries or peak loads. And it builds the most rational routes for acceptance, picking, shipment, if necessary – for inter-warehouse movements.


The advantage of the address storage system is reliable information on the movement of inventory. Integration of our WMS with the corporate information system of the customer allows the client to monitor the situation online, in real time.

Warehouse address storage is much easier and inventory, revaluation, analysis of illiquid assets. Of course, no more re-grading.

Address storage of goods in stock – a guarantee of clear and smooth work with all your customers and suppliers.

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